Latha Twitter | Gaelic Twitter Day


The last Gaelic Twitter Day took place on Thursday 20th April 2017. 

Up-do-date information on this website including a preview of our Twitter Day activities.

Following on from last year’s successful event, we hoped to create yet more awareness of Scottish Gaelic as well as create more opportunities for Gaelic learners and speakers across the world to converse together using Twitter in one big conversation using the #Gàidhlig hash tag. We were very successful!

In particular, we wanted to see more local organisations, businesses and social enterprises take part.

Tha na h-amasan againn a dhealbhadh mothachadh mu Gàidhlig agus cuideachd ann an dòigh mu na meadhanan sòisealta mar a’ cleachdadh taga hais #Gàidhlig. Agus ‘s e amas eile a chruthachadh cothrom airson luchd-ionnsachaidh agus luchd-labhairt Gàidhlig pàirt a’ gabhail san aon còmhradh air Twitter air feadh an t-saoghal.

Read about how the idea came about and grew here.

We’d love for many people to get involved in this project. Please get in touch if you’d like to play a part in future Gaelic Twitter Days.


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