Top 5 Marketing Tips for Startup Businesses

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Top 5 Marketing Tips for Startup Businesses

To celebrate Startup Europe Week 2016 we’re giving you our top 5 marketing tips for Startup businesses! It can be a daunting step when you start your business and need to get the word out (and usually for as little ££ as possible!) so here’s our top tips to help your startup business take flight…

  1. Build your brand

Think big from the start, customers aren’t loyal to businesses they’re loyal to brands – so it’s time to start now! Make sure your images and graphics are on point and all sit together nicely to form your brand image. To make sure your text content doesn’t let this down make sure you pop together a ‘brand personality’ document. This consists of 4 boxes to fill in with 4 or 5 vowels in each one, these are character, tone, language and purpose. See your brand as a person and fill these in…

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