Let’s Win a Gaelic Award for “Best Event” #Gàidhlig #MolLàNaG #NominateGTD #Gaelic

Là na #Gàidhlig 2018

GTD Duais Campaign - Thu17th.001Thòisich sinn iomairt gus molaidhean dh’fhaighinn airson Duais am blaidhna aig Duaisean na Gàidhlig – Tachartas nas Fhèarr! Bhiodh an taic agaibh feumail a chumail a’ dol leis a’ phroiseict seo agus a sgaoileadh an fhacail. Tha cuideachadh an seo gus an foirm a lìonadh cuideachd.

We have started our campaign for nominations – we’d prefer to be nominated by the public who love our service, so please, if you have enjoyed Gaelic Twitter Day please nominate us for the Event Award. It will encourage us to keep the event going and hopefully tell a few more people about the initiative. Some help to fill out the form is below too.

Mol! Nominate for us here (and use the guide below to fill it out!):


Lean! Follow the Campaign on Twitter:



We’ve been told the nomination form is not too friendly and a bit off-putting, so we’ve put…

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