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2014 Finalist of the ‘International’ Scottish Gaelic Award

The Social Media Alba initiative, a community-orientated organisation set up by Jamie ‘Seumaidh’ Wallace (35), is in the running for the ‘International Award’ at the Scottish Gaelic Awards 2014. The award – one of ten awards covering many aspects of Gaelic life – is aimed at an individual, event or organisation that best places Gaelic in an international, non-English speaking, context. Last year, the Award was won by Micheal Klevenhaus, tutor of Scottish Gaelic and founder of the German-based Scottish Gaelic Academy. The Scottish Gaelic Awards are organised by the Glasgow-based organisation ‘Media Scotland’ and promoted by the Daily Record.

Social Media Alba is up against a couple of giants in the Gaelic community both of whom are based in Glasgow and of whom Seumaidh is friends with and has done business with over the years. This ought to make the competition all the more exciting.

Seumaidh, from Glasgow’s southside, has expressed his delight with Social Media Alba being nominated and is now looking forward to the Scottish Gaelic Awards on the 19th November in the Radisson Blu. He said:
“It is an amazing opportunity for Social Media Alba, especially now as the concept is being developed into a genuine business concern. The recognition gained from being nominated as a finalist can only benefit the growth and awareness of Social Media Alba helping to ensure the business succeeds in the critical years of start-up. The fact the award is for International usage of the Gaelic language is particularly endearing because the ultimate outlook for the business is to reach into international markets and open up new opportunities to grow the economy using the Gaelic language and culture.”
latha-twitter-2014Gaelic Twitter Day was first held on the 1st of May this year and it met and exceeded its aims to increase Gaelic awareness, increase awareness of Social Media and use of the #gàidhlig hashtag on Twitter and in creating an opportunity for learners and speakers across the globe to meet in conversation. The event received the backing of the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Football Association, Glasgow 2014 and from many other organisations and individuals. The First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, even sent out his first ever tweet in Gaelic! Most importantly though, the event captured the energy and imagination of the Gaelic world and brought about a lot of creativity and excitement.
The BBC reported on the event too throughout the day capturing the worldwide interest in the event with reports from Europe, Australia, Egypt and Canada.
Over the course of Gaelic Twitter Day, over 1000 Tweeters sent out almost 3700 tweets using the #Gàidhlig hash tag which made over 4 million timeline impressions and reached almost 2 million individual accounts. During the busy period of the day tweets were being sent at a rate of 2.5 tweets per minute.
The next Gaelic Twitter Day is due to be held on the 30th April 2015. To take part, follow the #Gàidhlig hashtag; reply to Tweets with the #Gàidhlig hashtag;  and hit the retweet button to share the word to your followers.
Further information:
Social Media Alba: Jamie Wallace, Business & Communities Director T:0141 632 0643 E:
Scottish Gaelic Awards: Lisa Lynas, Event Manager  T: 0141 309 3095 E:

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