Yet another successful #Gaelic @CrowdfunderUK project, but still time to pledge #SaveDalriadaGaelic


As first reported over a month ago, Àdhamh O’ Broin set out on a challenge to raise the funds which would put his life’s work of preserving Argyll Gaelic into action, and today this challenge was met. this said, pledges can still be made up until 11.25pm on the 31st August.

The challenge set is considerably massive! The money raised shall be used to build and host a website to store and present all the material collected to date; processing soundfiles of the dialect; paying for the digitalisation of notebooks written about the dialect; preparation of other material; creation of a dictionary with lessons; preparation of poetry and song as well as the sourcing and uploading of old photographs and further fieldwork with Robbie MacVicar, the last native speaker.

The target was reached a day after the project was covered by Edinburgh-based newspaper ‘The Scotsman‘ yesterday and Deadline News a couple of days ago.

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