Duais Nuadhais Social Media Alba aig Co-labhairt @CelticStudents Conference 2015 – @SocialMediaAlba Innovation Award #ACSIB

Social Media Alba (Glasgow) was delighted to present the the inaugural Association of Celtic Students Award for Innovation to Siôn Aled Owen of Prifysgol Bangor in appreciation of his work in Celtic language development. 

Bha trì no ceithir taisbeanaidhean eile air DiSathairne agus DiDòmhnaich a bha faisg air an Duais Nuadhais seo a bhuannaich. Tha e math gu bheil ùidh aig oileanaich ann an leasachadh mion-chànain agus deònach an obair a sgaoileadh.



Siôn’s current research is looking at ways of bringing the Welsh language out of the classroom – a problem encountered by the Scottish Gaelic language as well as other minority languages around the globe. His paper presented research findings to date which he found were influencing the social use of Welsh by school-aged children.

The way in which his research sought to reach out and inform other minority languages was particularly commendable; and it was apparent that he is ready to share his knowledge and engage with others involved in minority language development worldwide to further develop this research which was also highly praised. Llongyfarchiadau Siôn!

The photos which follow give a taste of Siôn’s presentation.




[Updated 28.06.15 – BBC News article : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-33258374]


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