Exhibition about Sea and Ice on Hold due to being #StuckInIce – and it’s no #AprilFools


Travelling to Mallaig on the West Highland Line, Jane Rushton receives a call from her co-worker Rhea Banker in New York. Their exhibition is facing ruin – their artwork has been stuck in ice just outside Greenland on its way over from a successful first display in Copenhagen.

Both Jane and Rhea are due to meet on the 1st April (April Fools Day) to open their exhibition in Greenland. The only problem is it looks as if their artwork will not reach the gallery in time. It is possible that the Royal Arctic Line (RAL) ship transporting their precious cargo has become frozen in the sea just miles away from port – and it’s not looking promising!

Disko Bay has been frozen up for a few weeks so boats can’t get in to the port in Ilulissat. It is currently unknown where the boat carrying the artwork is – it may be in another port somewhere – but it has yet to be found. One thing for sure is that, according to the RAL website,  it is highly unlikely that Disko Bay will be ice free in time for their work to be delivered.

Jane however shrugs this off: “I’ll still be flying over, I’ve already booked my flights. We’ll think of something to do”. She continued: ” I love this sort of challenge. It just means I am going to be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks before I go!”

Only time will time if a solution can be found!

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The exhibition displays the work of fine art artist Jane Rushton (Mallaig, Scotland) and photographer Rhea Banker (New York, USA) is called – Greenland: At the Margins – An Artistic Dialogue and is due to go on show:

April 1st 2015 – April 30th 2015: Ilulissat Kunstmuseum, Ilulissat , Greenland

August 20th 2015 – October 18th 2015: Taseralik Kulturikkut, Sisimiut, Greenland

The event is funded by Creative Scotland / Alba Cruachail.        


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