#TheDress: So what colour is it really? #Canach #Buzzfeed #Dreasa #Dathan #Fasan #Gàidhlig

Meal do Naidheachd a Chaitlin!

The promotor of Gàidhlig musical trio ‘Canach’ has got the Social Media world in a bit of a tizz today on BuzzFeed, and all over a photo of a dress that some people perceive as gold and others as blue and white.

Great effort 🙂

Alternative view: Technology v Philosophy

The blue and white element makes us wonder if this has anything to do with yesterday’s news of Facebook giving the Scottish Gaelic language a reprieval? Is it possible to manipulate colours over Social Media, or do we just perceive things differently?


Learn some Scottish Gaelic with LearnGaelic.scot

Tùs: http://www.buzzfeed.com/claudiakoerner/the-dress-is-blue-and-black-says-the-girl-who-saw-it-in-pers#.jvox4VVwd


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