Blog @CuileanCraicte: A 21st century business model for Gaelic publishing explained

Cuilean Craicte is a new Edinburgh-based Social Enterprise (Community Interest Company) and they are a fortnight away from completing their fundraising project with Crowdfunder which aims at getting more kids reading Gaelic out of school:

Tha sinn a’ sireadh taic airson ‘Cuilean Craicte’ a stèidheachadh, club-leughaidh dha cloinn aois 7 gu 12 air a mhaoineachadh tro sgeama thabhartasan ballrachd.

We’re looking for start up funding for ‘Cuilean Craicte’, a Gaelic language reading club for young people aged 7 to 12, through a membership subscription scheme.

We recently tweeted about their success at meeting their Crowdfunding target of £5000 – and they are now well on their way to meeting their updated stretch target of £7500 with just under a fortnight to go until the deadline.

In a recent blog, the company’s volunteers have responded to a few questions posed to them by a parent which offers an insight into the publishing world, their business model and the social values of the project which are not only to encourage parents and children to read more in their free time, but also to free up public funds to be spent on other worthwhile projects. It’s well worth a read:


One thought on “Blog @CuileanCraicte: A 21st century business model for Gaelic publishing explained

  1. Cuilean Craicte is a front for Mairi Kidd, who some say has an axe to grind against Storlann, her former employee. We don’t want to be alarmist but when people’s private incomes and parent’s hard earned cash is involved, the full facts should be made available. It might be worth pointing out some facts to the readers of Social Media Alba.

    There are no ‘professional publishers’ involved in Cuilean Craicte. Only one representative of a publisher, an individual called Mairi Kidd. There are in fact only 3 individuals involved in Cuilean Craicte, none of whom have professional translation experience. How do we know? Just check companies house records. There is only one ‘parent/set of parents’. The whole thing has been dressed up to seem much more ‘professional than it is.

    The key element of this missing is the Storlann national Gaelic resource body – this initiative appears to have been set up by a disgruntled former employee. Good luck to this initiative but we do hope parents and contributors are made aware of everything. Their ‘response’ to the parent’s question was revealing: they refused to reveal their names.

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