Mothballing of Bliadhna nan Òran

“Tha na duilleagan seo a-nise air an tasgadh agus cha tèid an ùrachadh tuilleadh.
Leugh mu phoileasaidh tasglainn a’ BhBC. []”


A popular BBC website that documented the history of Scottish Gaelic songs and writers has disappeared from the Internet after an attempt to archive the site as a result apparently of the project coming to a close. Instead of being taken to archived pages, users of the Bliadhna nan Òran site are experiencing the 404 error of ‘Page not found’.

The website is used as a classroom resource by teachers across the country as well as by researchers, students and the general community. And according to comments on Social Media, its mothballing has caused surprise and some anger.

It is not apparent that there was any consultation with site users over a change to the public website. Especially as only over a week ago during the National Mòd in Inverness was the website being promoted in the Comunn Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis lecture at the UHI Building on Ness Walk which makes its disappearance even more strange.

Who knows when or if the site will return, however the following tweet from MG Alba does reveal a glimmer of hope:


7 thoughts on “Mothballing of Bliadhna nan Òran

    1. Your sentiments reflect the feeling on Social Media channels – it is being sorely missed just now. Only a fortnight ago during the Mòd was I being shown a presentation in on the website with no hint of further changes. Hopefully it was a genuine mistake and the pages can be put back.

      1. A commentator on one of the many Gàidhlig groups on Facebook noted it was only temporary, and the BBC were working on restoring it.

    1. Hopefully it has been a genuine error and efforts are being made to get the pages back to an archived state. It’s a shame however the way in which it came about without a word of consultation with the site’s users.

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