Language // “Criticising Gaelic Medium Education”

A criticism of BBC reporting on a recent report about Gaelic Medium Education by a co-editor of Dàna Magazine.

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6240707542_2dbd88d10c_b © Emory Maiden

Last month, a piece of research by Aberdeen University was published which examined the Gaelic usage of pupils in a primary school class somewhere in the Highlands.

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One thought on “Language // “Criticising Gaelic Medium Education”

  1. Notice this was a pilot study involving only a handful of kids in one class in one school. With regard to the accuracy of their Gàidhlig, this appears to have been assessed with reference to written ‘literary’ standards, rather than the spoken G. of their teachers/assistants/parents, which is what they would acquire in an immersion environment. As in any language, spoken forms will always be more fluid and ‘non-standard’ than their written equivalent.

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