Two New Gaelic Apps – Dà Aplacaidean Ùr Gàidhlig

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Ma tha sibh a’ dol dhan a Bhùth airson Aplacaidean aig Google Play an-diugh, bidh Ap ùr mu dheidhinn Gàidhlig ri fhaighinn! Chuir sinn sin air dòigh an t-seachdain sa chaidh agus bha e gu math furasta a dhèanamh. Bhiodh e math airson duilleagan eile (ann an no mu) Gàidhlig ri fhaicinn mar Ap.

Our new app to view and interact with the Scottish.Gaelic Facebook Community Page has been launched. The app is powered by Chayns Tobit Software and is free for Facebook users to make their Pages more accessible to their communities, followers and fans. Each time a new post is added to the Facebook timeline the app notifies the smartphone or tablet the page has been updated. The app is free and can be downloaded for Android devices from the and is also available for Windows Phone. The App will soon be available for the iPhone and Blackberry.

Agus chunnaic sinn sanasan aig agus Bòrd na Gàidhlig tha Ap ùr ann a-nis a airson luchd-ionnsachaidh Gàidhlig.

The second new App has been created by iEdutainments for Apple devices and is aimed at Gaelic learners:

“Scottish Gaelic Verbs HD (Verb, Animations, Conjugations, LearnBots™ and Pronunciation by a Native Speaker!)”

It’s available to buy and download from iTunes.

Fhuair an Ap seo taic bho Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Alba Chruthachail, Iomairt na Gàidhealtachd ’s nan Eilean agus Comhairle nan Leabhraichean.


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